My Dream Vacation 2010

Greetings I live in USA We was on Europe on 8/2010 I want to Celebrate My 60th Years Yonger ! Was My Dream: be on The Famos Tower Restaurant, & take a Gondola Trip on Venice, plus visited Rome ! We Purchase Fly tickets, hotels, Train, ctc, was perfect Our 1st City was on the French Riviera "Nice", We took a Driven 40 Minutos for Visited Monte Carlo,and that Part of the French Riviera was beautiful, after 5 Wonderful Days We took our Rail Europe from Nice to Gare of Lyon Station on Paris, after My Birthday Celebration on the "Eiffel Tower" Restaurant. We Took againg the Rail Europe to Venice,My Trip on the Gondola was Perfect. & againg by Rail Europe We Travel to Rome was the Best have all the Rail Europe tickets ready B'cuz when I Buy My Vacaition Packet from 'Virgin Travel" They Offer Me all the Services I had too My Local Rail Tickets, My Restaurant reservation, the Moulin Rouge reservation & the Trasportation from Airport, to the Hotels. I Love it !!! We Have Plans to Go Againg but this time I Going to by My Fly & Rail Europe tickets direct on the Web side I fell Now more Confident b'cuz it's Our 2nd Time I know how easy was with the Rail Europe tickets travel to all Over Europe I recomende !!! and that no cost nothing extra Believed. well best wishes for All & have a Nice Trip ♥ & Peace Motosa (~_^)
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