1st or 2nd Class - Copenhagen to Stockholm

Hello, I'm traveling with my family one way from Copenhagen to Stockholm, and wonder if the splurge to first class is worth it or not. Is first class that much more comfortable? Better window views? I see a similar question posed from someone traveling between Nice and Paris, but maybe it's different traveling on the North Europe line? We are a mom and dad, and two teenage girls. Would appreciate your thoughts.
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  • Cancel this request. When I followed the prompts to purchase 2nd class tickets, the price was reduced by half at check-out. So, I opened a new page to see if the discount also applied to 1st class tickets -- it did! What happens is a message pops up that the tickets selected are no longer available then offers the same ticket and a discounted price, 50% off -- odd! Perhaps since I'm booking early, over one month in advance? Instead of $200 for 4-2nd class tickets, I splurged paying $400 for 4-1st class ones (ordinarily $800).
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