21 days of travel: seeking the right pass. I am over 21

I would like to take this trip and would like to see what pass is best. Trip is as follows:

Day 1: Arrive in Barcelona, sleep Barcelona
Day 2: Barcelona, sleep Barcelona
Day 3: AVE train to Madrid, sleep Madrid
Day 4: Madrid, sleep Madrid
Day 5: Day trip to El Escorial/Valley of Fallen, sleep Madrid
Day 6: Toledo, sleep Toledo
Day 7: AVE train to Sevilla, sleep Sevilla
Day 8: Sevilla, sleep Sevilla
Day 9: To Arcos, sleep Arcos
Day 10: To Tarifa, sleep Tarifa
Day 11: Day trip to Morocco, sleep Tarifa
Day 12: To Nerja via Gibraltar, sleep Nerja
Day 13: To Granada, sleep Granada
Day 14: Granada, sleep Granada
Day 15: To Segovia, sleep Segovia
Day 16: To Salamanca via Ávila, sleep Salamanca
Day 17: Salamanca, sleep Salamanca
Day 18: To Santiago, sleep Santiago
Day 19: Santiago, sleep Santiago
Day 20: To Cantabria, sleep Cantabria (Santillana or Comillas)
Day 21: To San Sebastián via Bilbao, sleep San Sebastián
Day 22: San Sebastián, sleep San Sebastián
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