2 tickets for round trip from Madrid to Barcelona in September, in my name only(bought for me and my sister this AM)

I bought 2 round ticket for me and my sister from Madrid to Barcelona in Sep. I found out that both ticket are on my name. when I buy the tickets, I wrote both my name and my sister's name, but I don't know what happened, so should I change the name one of the ticket to be on my sister's name? or It's o.k to trip with only my name with 2 tickets
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 05, 2013 14:42
    Hi Sunghee,

    Generally, the names on point-to-point tickets for trains in Europe do not matter. In fact, most tickets and reservations do not even display a passenger name or else only one name is displayed. Rest assured that this is standard, and you would be able to board the requested trains without any difficulty, regardless of the name. The names are only important with regard to rail passes and most e-tickets.

    If you would like us to view your specific order, then please send an email to customercare@raileurope.com with the booking number for your order.
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