2nd class for the Eurail Global Pass?

I am considering purchasing two global passes for 2 seniors for use in April/May 2017. Pricing is only shown for 1st class. Is pricing available for 2nd class?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) December 28, 2016 15:41
    Hi Michael,

    With the Eurail Global Pass, 2nd class is only offered to youth passengers (ages 12-27). Passengers 28 and older would have to purchase a Eurail Global Pass for 1st class.

    There are no senior rates offered for the Eurail Global Pass (only certain passes offer senior rates). Instead, the Eurail Global Pass offers a rate called the 'Saver' rate. To be eligible for a Saver rate, there would just have to be 2 or more passengers traveling together all times. Therefore, if there will be 2 or more passengers traveling together at all times, then you'd be able to purchase your pass at a Saver rate.

    To be quoted the 'Saver' rate, you would access the page for the Eurail Global Pass on our website and click 'Yes' where it asks 'Special prices may be offered for 2 or more travelers. Is everyone in your party traveling together at all times?' after you've indicated that there will be 2 (or more) passengers traveling.

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