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4 day luggage storage in Antwerpen

We are going to Normandy for 5 days prior to a river cruise and wondered if there was storage for a cruise luggage which we won't need in Normandy. We're going to travel from Amsterdam on April 15 to Antwerp and then onto Rouen and back to Antwerp for a Uniworld cruise on April 19.We'd like to leave a large suitcase at the station for those days.
mary gail ulrich
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  • Hi Mary,

    The Amsterdam Central Station does have 24 hour luggage consignment but it does not state how long you can leave your luggage there. You can always contact the tourist office in the station at 0900/400-4040 from 8am-8pm Mon-Sat and 9am-5pm on Sundays. They may be able to give you further information with regards to the luggage consignment office.

    For further information about the Amsterdam Central Station you can copy and paste the following link into your browser:

    Thank you,
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