Is 5 days with a Swiss Travel Pass enough time to explore Interlaken, Lucerne and nearby cities?

i have got 5 transfers swiss pass. i will be staying for 5 nights in swiss. is this 5 transfer pass enough for me if we need to see all the nearby cities of interlaken and lucerne.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 12, 2015 19:58

    There is a seemingly endless list of places to visit in Switzerland. The number of days needed on a rail pass would depend specifically on where you intend to visit/your specific itinerary.

    You can certainly visit both Interlaken and Lucerne in the span of 5 days. A train ride between the two only takes about 2 hours. You can check schedules for trains from Interlaken to Lucerne by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage and entering the route.

    The Swiss Travel Pass is offered in two different forms: flexi and consecutive.

    A flexipass allows for a set number of 'travel days', which must be completed within a longer time frame (that time frame being 1 month in the case of the Swiss Travel Pass).

    'Travel days' on a flexipass refer to how many separate days you plan on using a pass for actual train travel. A rail day is 24 hour time period from midnight to midnight. You may take as many trains as you wish during a 24 hour time frame and still only use one 'travel day' on your pass. For instance, if you were to take a train from 'City A' to 'City B' and then take a connecting train to 'City C' later on the same day, then you would use up only one day of travel on your pass. In contrast, if you were to take that connecting train to 'City C' on the next day instead, then you would use up 2 days of rail travel on your pass.

    In contrast, the consecutive day passes allow for unlimited train travel within a set time frame. For instance, if you were to purchase the 8 day consecutive version of the Swiss Travel Pass, then you would be entitled to unlimited travel within that time frame of 8 days.
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