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I’m unhappy

A disaster booking my train here

What a disaster! I booked a morning train from Bologna to Rome and paid for Comfort seat. When I got my email confirmation it was a train that night with the same departure time but Super Economy Premium. I tried to send a message several times but the "Send Message" button does not work. I tried Live Chat and while filling out the form it went away and I cannot get it back. I called their help phone and after being on hold for fifteen minutes was cut off. I tried again an hour later and after 40 minutes was cut off. Several hours later and I am trying to send a message again but no luck. It is a non-refundable ticket but all I want to do is change it to the correct train in the morning. But the website does not allow that. Any tips as to what to do? I hope the company monitors this forum but it won't help me.
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