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Advise with reservations and my itinerary, please.

I received some really great detailed assistance here a couple years ago from Jeff (I hope you are still out there!) and hope I can get some more good advise from anyone who can help.

My family and I will be traveling to Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom in August 2019. I have already purchased our 1st class Global Rail Passes. I am currently trying to make sure I have everything in order. Could some of you look over our itinerary and let me know if the railpass will cover our journeys or if we will need additional tickets and if we can make reservations? I would absolutely rather pay for a reservation than be separated or have to stand through an entire trip.

We have traveled via rail in Germany before so somewhat familiar with their system. However, this will be our first time making use of the trains in Britain and Wales. If I do not have reservations in advance are trains likely to fill up? Do all of these trains have 1st class? Are there any bits of important information I should be aware of before we travel?

Also, is there a website to make reservations in advance without having your railpass number? There was a mixup with our order which I will have to straighten out when we arrive in Frankfurt so I am not sure the numbers I have now will be correct. I read on the Eurail website "Eurail Pass holders won't be able to make seat reservations at train stations in Great Britain and Northern Ireland." , however, the only numbers I am seeing on my pass, when I do try the numbers it comes up as invalid. What's a girl to do?

Thanks so much in advance! Here's our itinerary:

August 15, Thursday
(1) Frankfurt Airport to Hagen Hbf - depart:11:09, arrive: 12:59 (ICE, IC)

August 16, Friday (1) Hagen Hbf to Bramsche - depart: 9:01, arrive: 11:16 (IC, NWB)
(2) Bramsche to Kirchlengern - depart: 15:16, arrive: 16:16 (NWB, ERB)

August 17, Saturday
(1) Kirchlengern to Rahden (Kr Lübbecke) - depart: 9:10, arrive: 9:50 (ERB)
(2) Rahden to to Kirchlengern - depart: 16:05, arrive: 16:49 (ERB)

August 18, Sunday
(1) Kirchlengern to Leese-Stolzenau - depart: 9:17, arrive: 10:30 (ERB)
(2)Leese-Stolzenau to Dörverden - depart: 14:30, arrive: 15:09 (ERB, RE)

August 19, Monday
(1) Eystrup to Wetzlar - depart: 9:53 - arrive: 14:17 (RE, ICE, RE)

August 20, Tuesday
(1) Wetzlar to Dillenburg - 9:18 , arrive: 9:38 (RE)
(2)Dillenburg to Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf - depart: 14:33 , arrive: 16:39 (RB, ICE)

August 28, Wednesday
(1) Birmingham International to Shrewsbury - (possibly) depart: 15:09, arrive: 16:20 - 1:11 (Arriva Trains Wales)
We have a flight from Knock/Ireland West Airport arriving in Birmingham at 13:50. How much time would be recommended to allow for delays or/and passing through security?

August 29, 2019, Thursday
(1) Shrewsbury to Hereford - depart: 8:10, arrive: 8:56 (Arriva Trains Wales)

August 30, Friday
(1) Hereford to Chester - depart: 9:55, arrive: 12:08 (Arriva Trains Wales, Virgin Trains)

August 31, Saturday
(1) Hawarden to Coventry - depart: 10:00 , arrive: 13:10 (Arriva Trains Wales, Virgin Trains)
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