No option for night train from Lisbon to Madrid

Hi all, I would like to book a night train from Lisbon to Madrid, but there is no option to book a Turista class bed through the website. How can I do that? There is no answer from Rail Europe. I sent them a message through the contact form and I also tried to call but there is no answer.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 31, 2018 18:46
    Hi Tzufit,

    'Turista Class' on the Lisbon-Madrid night train (the Lusitania) refers to a seat with no bed. Other than seats, this night train only carries single compartments, double compartments, and 'T4' compartments (shared compartments for 4 passengers).

    Due to an error, it may currently be the case that our website is only able to offer a maximum of two of these accommodation types. If you're interested in one of the accommodation types that isn't shown, you would send an email to The 'Turista' seat would be found under the 2nd class column when you pull up the fares for this train. To view the type of compartments offered on an overnight train, you would click ‘Fare details’ after clicking on the fare itself.
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