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I’m worried

Are there any restrictions to use my Global Pass in Italy besides that it does not include Italo and Thello trains?

There is a part in FAQ mentioning restrictions between France and Italy, also in Milan, Florence and Rome. These are places I’m planning on visit so I ́m wondering if I won’t be able to use my pass here.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 09, 2014 22:02
    Hello Beatriz,

    It is true that the Thello night trains and the Italo trains would not be covered by any rail pass. With regard to the Italo trains, however, there would always be other 'Trenitalia' trains operating along the same routes, for which a rail pass would be valid, so there would be perfectly feasible alternatives.

    Aside from these trains, the only notable exceptions for rail travel in Italy would be the privately operated 'Circumvesuviana' rail lines, 'Ferrovie del Sud Est' trains, and most 'TreNord' trains.

    The Circumvesuviana rail line runs from the Piazza Garibaldi station in Naples to Sorrento, connecting the Amalfi Coast region with the rest of Italy.

    The Ferrovie del Sud Est trains are in the Puglia region in southeastern Italy, operating primarily on the Salento Peninsula south of Lecce, as well as between Bari and Taranto. The Ferrovie del Sud Est goes to towns that include Gallipoli, Casarano, Novoli, Gagliano, Martina Franca, Zollino, Maglie, Otranto.

    TreNord trains are only found on certain routes in the very north part of Italy in the area surrounding Milan, most notably connecting Milan with Varenna, Tirano, and Bergamo, as well as the rail line between Edolo and Brescia.

    The Circumvesuviana, Ferrovie del Sud Est, and TreNord trains are all privately operated trains for which tickets would have to be purchased locally.
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