Can we ride to the Budapest Keleti station, even if our ticket just says Kelenfold?

Hello! We'll be traveling from Vienna to Budapest on rail jet. Our tickets say we arrive at Kelenfold. I have seen from other threads that if you have a ticket that departs Budapest to Vienna from Kelenfold you can actually get on at Keleti and ride from there. Does this work the same way when arriving in Budapest? If our tickets say we arrive at Kelenfold can we ride on to the Keleti stop which is closer to our hotel?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 07, 2017 20:22
    Hi Angela,

    After stopping at Kelenfold, the trains from Vienna do continue on to the Budapest Keleti station. Rest assured, even if your ticket reflects 'Kelenfold' as the station of arrival in Budapest, you can remain on the train until it arrives into Keleti. For your reference, these trains arrive into Keleti about 17 minutes after they are shown to be arriving into the Kelenfold station.
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