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Ashford to Paris on France pass

I see you can travel from Paris to Ashford England with your France pass but can you also travel from Ashford to Paris for free with you France pass?
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  • Hi Kathy,

    If you have a France Rail Pass, then traveling on the Eurostar from Paris to Asheford and return is only discounted, not free.

    You can qualify for the passholder fare on the return as long as your France Rail Pass is still valid.

    When searching for fares and schedules on the home page, you can put in the city pairs, date, time and select the option that you are traveling with a Rail Pass. Then select France Pass. The fares and schedules that display would be the pass holder fares.

    For more information about traveling with a pass on the Eurostar, please copy and paste the below link into your browser for more information.

    Thank you,
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