I’m sad, anxious, confused , frustrated

At a lost on how to contact RailEurope customer service that can help

Having issues reaching RailEurope World website. Have not been able to contact anyone since I booked my ticket and saw that the name was incorrectly printed. I'm just in awe that Rail Europe allows 3rd party vendors to use their name and allow sales of ticket and do not require some type of standard of them to meet.
First and foremost, my goal was to purchase my ticket from raileurope.com but somehow booked with raileurope world. But I only trusted the site as everything on the website resembled very closely to the main raileurope.com.
I'm just beside myself and pretty much think that I will lose money from this booking just because I'm unable to contact someone to help resolve my ticket.
Furthermore, I contact RailEurope.com and they couldn't even FIND my reservation... At a lost. Anyone has a suggestion? The website contact us is not allowing to send any correspondence.
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