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I’m frustrated

authorization failed

When trying to book my trip I got a response that my credit card "authorization failed" I was told to use another credit card, so I did, same problem. I no longer want the tickets and would like a refund on both credit cards! Very disappointed.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 19, 2012 21:26
    Hi Kristin,

    We're sorry to hear about the difficulty you had when attempting to place your order. The charges you are referring to may be merely 'pre-authorization holds'. When an order is attempted on the internet, a pre-authorization hold is put on the credit card just to verify the funds. However, this does not mean that any actual funds are charged until the order is able to be confirmed on our end. If there was never a confirmed order, nothing would ever have actually been charged to your card. In such instances, the pre-authorization holds do appear on statements, and a statement would even show the amount of the pre-authorization hold as being deducted from the total account balance. However, you can rest assured that no actual funds were charged, and the pre-authorization holds will drop off and no longer reflect on your statement within a matter of days.

    If you still see pre-authorization holds reflecting on your account after several days, please send an email to, and we will provide you with contact information for further assistance.
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