I’m frustrated and confused

Backpacking through Europe from Greece to Scotland

What pass should we get? Do we purchase a Global Pass for 1 month or 2 months? The cost difference is $1K which is significant. What is confusing is the reservation fees on top of the price of the pass, as well as the fact that several countries don't like to honour the pass with fewer seats available for people with passes. We have 5 weeks to travel. We want to be flexible and will not be staying in every country mentioned below, but perhaps just spend the day. We will have already completed Greece and the islands by the time we leave. We know that we will have to purchase a Britrail for England/Scotland. We will be leaving from Athens, Greece and travelling with your map along the coast towards Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, South France, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, North France, Belgium, Netherlands, back to Belgium then to North France to take the chunnel into London. London to Scotland, Edinburgh and back to London.
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