Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo (Orgaz), Cordoba, Granada, Malaga (Torremolinos) - Rail pass or rail tickets?

Wondering if anybody has ideas of travelling from Barcelona to Madrid? We have 2 adults and one senior, each person with 1 checked luggage, and one carry-on. I have tried to look into the option with rail pass, but the website does not return the price details whenever I select 'I have a rail pass'. We are planning to go from Barcelona to Madrid, Toledo (Orgaz), Cordoba, Granada, Malaga (Torremolinos)If we were to get a rail pass, which one can we get? And I noticed that we need to reserve for the rail way tickets, how early in advance do we need to reserve it?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 10, 2019 16:54
    Hi Maria,

    For the requested itinerary, your best option would be the Eurail Spain Pass. For the Eurail Spain Pass, you would click here:

    For travel with a rail pass, you would purchase reservations by searching the route on our homepage (, checking the box that says ‘I have a rail pass’, and then indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Spain Pass’).

    Generally, reserved trains in Spain can only be booked once within 60-90 days of an intended departure date. If your intended travel falls outside of this time frame, you would just use dates within the next 60 days to get an idea of the reservation costs and schedules in the meantime.

    Barcelona to Madrid with a Eurail Spain Pass

    From Barcelona to Madrid, you would take an AVE high-speed train. These trains from Barcelona to Madrid do require reservations as a supplement to the Eurail Spain Pass.

    Madrid to Toledo (Orgaz) with a Eurail Spain Pass

    Orgaz itself does not have a station, so you would take the train to Toledo, which is about 15-20 miles away. Even though the ride from Madrid to Toledo is very short, these are AVE high-speed trains and reservations would still be required as a supplement to the Eurail Spain Pass.

    From Toledo, you can see if there are buses or some other form of transportation to Orgaz.

    Toledo to Cordoba with a Eurail Spain Pass

    A connection from Toledo to Cordoba would involve going back to Madrid first and then taking a direct train from there to Cordoba. Trains from Toledo to Madrid and Madrid to Cordoba are AVE high-speed trains, so reservations would be required on both segments. When booking reservations for a trip from Toledo to Cordoba, you would just have to break up your search in Madrid. Therefore, you would do one search from Toledo to Madrid and then another search for connecting trains from Madrid to Cordoba.

    Cordoba to Granada with a Eurail Spain Pass

    Due to ongoing construction on the rail line outside of Granada, connections from Cordoba to Granada involve taking the train as far as Antequera, where you would then switch to a bus that would take you to Granada.

    The trains from Cordoba to Antequera are AVE, Avant, or Altaria trains. These do require reservations as a supplement to the Eurail Spain Pass. However, these particular trains are currently not able to be reserved on our website. Instead, to book these reservations, please send an email to In the email, please mention that you were advised on this messageboard that the Cordoba-Antequera trains are currently not able to be reserved on the website. Just remember these trains can only be reserved within 60-90 days of a departure date.

    Since the Antequera-Granada bus is a substitution for trains that should be operating on this route, your Eurail Spain Pass would still be valid.

    Granada to Malaga (Torremolinos) with a Eurail Spain Pass

    To get from Granada to Malaga, you would again have to take that bus back to Antequera. In Antequera, you would switch to a train down to Malaga. The trains from Antequera to Malaga are AVE trains or Avant trains, both of which would require reservations as a supplement to the Eurail Spain Pass.

    Once again, your Eurail Spain Pass is valid on the Granada-Antequera bus, and you would have to email if you'd like to set up reservations for a train from Antequera to Malaga.

    Malaga is the mainline station that services the Costa del Sol. If you need to get to Torremolinos, you would take a local Cercanías commuter train (Cercanías Málaga) out of Malaga. Specifically, you would take the C-1 line of Malaga's Cercanías network. If you make the connection to Torremolinos within 3 hours of your arrival into Malaga from Granada/Antequera, then your Eurail Spain Pass would be valid. Otherwise, you would just purchase the additional tickets locally and it should only be a few euros. I believe the C-1 Cercanías trains from Malaga to Torremolinos only takes about 20-25 minutes.
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