Bicycles on trains in Spain and Portugal

Our group of five cyclists travel on bikes in the last two weeks in May this year. Our desire is to take a train from Bilbao, Spain (or possibly Santander) to Santiago De Composte, Spain.

and later from Porto Portugal to Lisbon Portugal.

Do we bag or box our bikes for train travel in this area? Which trains allow bikes? What time of day? How much extra does this cost? Can all of us travel together? What are our options?
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  • Hi Brian,

    Yes, you can travel together from Santander to Santiago De Compostela via connections in Palencia and Redondela de Galicia. These are regional trains that do allow you to take your bicycles as long as maximum capacity has not been met, in which case you would need to purchase a ticket for your bicycle locally at the station.

    If you have a special bicycle case or you plan on purchasing one before your trip, then you can take your bicycle on board any train as luggage. A bicycle can fit in such a case with the wheels and pedals detached, and the handlebars parallel to the frame.

    Fully assembled bicycles are not allowed on the high-speed trains in Spain (AVE, Altaria, Alaris, Alvia, Arco, Avant). Most major cities in Spain are connected exclusively by high-speed trains.

    To get from Porto to Lisbon with your bicycles you can take a night train that departs Porto at 1:30am. This train operates Mondays through Saturdays.
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  • Does anyone know whether fully assembled bikes are allowed on trains between Pontevedra and Valenca, in 2017? We would like to cycle to Pontevedra, but might be a bit short of time on the way back. However, we will be using hired bikes, so don't really want to risk travelling seperately from them. It's not very far, so I'm hoping it may be possible?
    • Jeff (Official Rep) January 18, 2017 22:34
      Hi Angela,

      A connection from Pontevedra to Valença (Valença do Minho) takes just under 2 hours and involves changing trains once in Vigo en route. In Spain and Portugal, assembled bikes are only be allowed on board Media Distancia (MD) and regional trains. Conveniently, there are regional trains that run from Pontevedra to Vigo and Vigo to Valença (Valença do Minho). With that said, tickets for these particular regional trains are only able to be purchased locally when you're there. Just be sure to request the actual regional trains so that you'll be able to take your bikes on board fully assembled.
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