I’m frustrated

booked 1st class reservation and ended up in 2nd class

Have two [2] 1st class Italy Rail Europe passes.Booked reservation Venice to Florence for 5/26 [booking # 46087514] and ended up in 2nd class. Why? Is it because this is a Frecciargento train and not a Frecciarossa? [I had to go to Trenitalia to learn the difference in trains.] This info is not available to customers who purchase through Rail Europe. There was another train leaving ten [10] minutes later available, same travel time and a Frecciarossa.

2] You don't know your seat and class until after confirmation and ticket printed.
3] Don't know if 1st class is sold out?
4] If I can travel on as many trains per day; I would go back and book the other train, cancel the first reservation and ask for a refund.

Please help and advise on each of these points.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 26, 2019 19:45
    Hi Alan,

    The class of service is explained when you select a fare.

    Frecciarossa and Frecciargento both offer the same classes of service. If your rail pass was for 1st class, then you would've been free to book 1st class reservations on either of these trains.

    For the train you chose, 'Premier' and 'Comfort' is considered 1st class, while 'Standard' is considered 2nd class. When you submitted your order, you chose 'Standard'. For details about the class of service, you would just click on the fare itself.

    If there was another train offering 1st class, you would've been free to choose that train instead.

    We are not able to assist with specific orders on this forum. If you need further assistance with your specific order, you would send an email with your booking number to customercare@raileurope.com.
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