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Booking Italy itinerary for 4 USA citizens/residents, 1 USA citizen with Swedish residency, 1 Swedish Citizen/Resident

I'm booking an Italy itinerary with 5 locations for my family of 4 (US citizens living in the US), my son (US citizen with residency in Sweden) and his girl friend (Swedish citizen, living in Sweden). I have our itinerary on hold and I wanted to get this booked. Can I book this for all six of us? If not, for whom can I not book? For those that I cannot book, where can their tickets be booked? Thanks!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 01, 2015 21:10
    Hi Janet.

    I'm sorry, however, residents of European countries are not eligible to travel with most rail passes purchased through us, including the Eurail Italy Pass. Therefore, the one passenger who does not possess U.S. residency would not be able to purchase her Eurail Italy Pass through us. If your son's girlfriend is from Sweden, the website she would refer to is http://en.voyages-sncf.com/en/.

    With that said, the country of residence actually does not matter with regard to regular point-to-point tickets. If it is just regular tickets that you're purchasing, you would be able to do so for all passengers by choosing the United States as the country of residence for everyone, including your son's girlfriend.
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