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Booking train in France and getting an "Autocar" option

I am trying to arrange train travel from Paris to Bayeux. The fastest itinerary listed for Sun 23 Sep is an intercity train to MANTES-LA-JOLIE (FR) where we would transfer to an "Autocar" to EVREUX (FR) and then transfer to another IC train.

I notice when I update my husband's age to over 60, this option disappears.
May people over 60 use this option? What type of vehicle is this? Do they have space to store luggage?

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 21, 2018 18:49
    Hi Lee,

    The segment from Mantes La Jolie to Evreux is an actual bus.

    I'm not sure why the option disappears; however, these trains do not have special rates for travelers over 60. With that as the case, there is no need to indicate that your husband is over 60. You would just identify yourselves as regular adults.

    Rest assured, there will be sufficient space to store luggage.
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