booking eurostar as a french railpass holder

Seems that a french railpass holder can book eurostar at the discounted rate and I saw this reply here:

"Frederick Buhr (Official Rep) over 2 years ago
Hello wbj,
Supplement is not really the word, but you get discounted Eurostar tickets with a France Rail Pass. in 2 class you can save around $20. First book your pass then go back to our home page and select "book a reservation for your pass" then enter London to Paris to check fares and schedules.
Have a great trip!

When I go to the booking page, is it I need to click the one I circled in this picture?

However I can't search any ticket when I choose that option, like the picture below,

So how can I use the french railpass to book eurostar ticket with discount?

Thank you.
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  • Hi Chel Chel,

    The screen shots above do not look like the website, but the website. If you are on the World Website, you would need to contact them directly on how to book the passholder fare on the website.

    If you are in North America, you can book the Eurostar tickets at Just select the button that asks if you have a pass and then enter in the pass name. Once all the information has been chosen, you can clikc search to get fares and schedules.

    I hope you are able to get the fares and train you desire.

    Thank you,
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