Brazilian resident with student visa living in Belgium eligible for Rai Europe pass?

Hello dear friends at Rail Europe

Me and my wife are Brazilian residents that just arrived in Belgium under a student visa (D). Are we eligible to buy a RailEurope pass ??

In case we're eligible Is there any Belgium office where we can pick up the tickets ??

Thank you very much !

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 12, 2014 17:33

    I'm sorry; however, this messageboard is for the United States-based seller of European tickets and passes for the North American market. We are generally not able to sell to residents of countries outside of North America, due to local restrictions. Residents of countries outside of North America would have to book through an affiliated agent in their own country or region. If you are from Brazil, you would book through an agent there and contact them with any questions you might have. The website you would refer to is

    Otherwise, you can try inquiring locally in Europe.
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