Is there a Travel Agent rates for the BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass?

Can you please advise if there are travel agent rates or discounts for the Britrail passes? (Specifically the Freedom of Scotland pass, or one that includes rail travel in Scotland.) Thank you!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 18, 2015 21:41
    Hi Shelley,

    A travel agent discount would only be offered on the BritRail Pass, which covers travel in England, Wales, and Scotland. I'm sorry, as the BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass does not offer travel agent discounts (nor does the BritRail England Pass).

    For a complete listing of agency discounted products, you would click 'Travel Agent Resources' under where it says 'Agent Home' on the homepage of our travel agent website. On the next screen, you would click 'Book Agent Discounts' from the left margin. You would then scroll down to where it says 'Select Your Pass' to view the list of the products eligible to be booked at a travel agent discount. You would proceed to place your order by clicking on the item you’re interested in from this list. The passes shown on that list are the only passes that offer a travel agent discounted rate.
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