Trying to reserve Budapest to Zagreb for travel with my Eurail Global Pass

I have been attempting to reserve a seat on a train from Budapest to Zagreb in September to correspond with my Global Pass, I keep getting an error messaging saying the site is unable to get confirmation from the provider, so I assume they have sold out? If so is there a non-direct route I should use instead?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 04, 2015 19:03

    I have not been able to verify any problem on our website that would prevent passholder reservations for trains between Budapest and Zagreb from being booked there for dates in September.

    For travel with a rail pass, you would purchase reservations for a train from Budapest to Zagreb by clicking on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on our homepage (, entering the cities, and indicating the type of rail pass you'll be traveling with (i.e. a 'Eurail Global Pass'). Generally, trains from Budapest to Zagreb can be booked once within 90 days of an intended date of departure.

    If you are still not able to book these reservations on our site, you would call us at 1-800-622-8600.
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