Can adult travel solo on France Rail Pass with a free child age 4-11?

France Rail is offering free travel for a child up to age 11 that is listed on the adult's rail pass. I plan to travel for two weeks, one week with my child, and the second week on my own. Would I need to purchase two one-week passes (a one pass with the child listed, and a one week pass without the child listed)? Or could I just purchase one pass with the child listed, and use it for both weeks?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 04, 2016 15:22
    Hi Kelan,

    For a child to be free, they would have to be included on the same pass as an adult. Even though your child wouldn't be traveling with you for that second week, you would still purchase the same pass with the same number of travel days for the both of you (since the child pass is free, the extra number of travel days you apply to your child's pass wouldn't matter.) Therefore, you would just purchase your passes for the number of travel days that you need for the full extent of your own travels.

    To receive the free pass for your child, you would also have to click 'Yes' where it asks you, "Special prices may be offered for 2 or more travelers. Is everyone in your party traveling together at all times?"

    Rest assured, you would still be able travel on your own (you and your child just wouldn't be able to travel concurrently.)

    For the France Rail Pass, you would click here:

    When you go to enter the criteria for your purchase, it would look something like this (depending on the number of travel days you need):

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