Can I bring my luggage onto the train or does it go in a separate area?

Hi there, I am travelling from Amsterdam to Dortmund and there will be two transfers. I will be travelling with a bag a is a bit bigger than a carry on bag and I was wondering if I would be able to have the luggage at my seat with me or would I have to leave it to go in a separate part of the train?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 20, 2016 18:17
    Hi Amanda,

    Rest assured, there will be ample space in the overhead racks above the seats. When traveling on trains in Europe, you would generally be able to take as many bags as you can carry. A typical amount of luggage per person is 2 large items, plus one smaller item. Trains provide sufficient space to store luggage. There is space between seats or in the overhead racks. In some cases, there would also be space at the ends of each train car.

    A connection from Amsterdam to Dortmund would take just under 3 hours in duration and involves changing trains once in Duisburg en route. You would purchase tickets by entering the route on our homepage, The trains from Amsterdam to Duisburg are ICE (InterCity Express) trains.
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