Can you print your ticket at the station? Traveling from Milan to Florence

Arriving at the airport in the morning. Can I buy ticket online and print at the station tomorrow? Milan to Florence
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 18, 2018 15:12
    Hi Valerie,

    I'm sorry if we weren't able to get back to you in time.

    From Milan to Florence, there are Frecciarossa and Italo trains.

    With Frecciarossa trains, tickets are issued as print-at-home tickets.

    Italo trains are 'ticketless'. When purchasing Italo tickets on our website, they will be identified as being "Print at Home' during the checkout; however, it is actually the case that these are 'ticketless'. All you need to board an Italo train is the PNR code for your reservation, which we email you after your order is processed. With Italo trains, you may only want to print this email just as a way for you to have and remember the PNR code (if you don't happen to write it down elsewhere).
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