Can I receive a PDF file via email for the rail trip between Paris Cdg airport and St. Jean Pied De Port?

My friend and I will be arriving in Paris at Cdg on April 26 from Toronto and we will need to continue on to St. Jean Pied De Port, can we purchase rail tickets on line and have them sent by PDF email. for the entire destinations?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 08, 2013 21:59
    Hi Eileen,

    Connections to St. Jean Pied de Port depart out of the Montparnasse station in the city of Paris.

    To get from the CDG Airport to the Montparnasse station, you would first take Line B of the local RER train out of the airport to the Chatelet les Halles station in the city of Paris. These trains depart about once every 7 to 15 minutes. At the Chatelet les Halles station, you would switch to M4 of the Paris Metro, which you would take to the Montparnasse station, where the connections to St. Jean Pied de Port will depart from. Tickets for the RER and the Metro would be purchased locally upon arrival. The connection from the airport to the Montparnasse station would take about 55 minutes in duration.

    You can purchase tickets and check schedules for a connection from Paris to St. Jean Pied de Port by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on the homepage of our website, Tickets for this route are able to be issued as electronic tickets that would be printed out from a kiosk in the station, prior to departure. Otherwise, they can be issued as paper documents that would be shipped to you, prior to your departure to Europe. However, tickets for this route are currently not able to be issued as print-at-home tickets.

    If tickets for a particular train are able to be issued as e-tickets or print-at-home tickets, then the option would display for you at Step 1 of the checkout process, which is the 'Delivery' screen. Tickets classified as e-tickets would be printed out from a kiosk in the station prior to departure, while print-at-home tickets would have to be printed elsewhere prior to going to the station.
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