Can I take night trains on Central Europe Triangle rail pass?

I want to travel from Vienna to Prague and then Prague to Budapest on night train. How to reserve night compartments when using this rail pass
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 25, 2013 18:57

    Yes, you can take night trains with a Central Europe Triangle Pass.

    When you go to book your reservations under 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on our website, you will be prompted to enter the type of rail pass you will be traveling with; however, the Central Europe Triangle Pass is not an option you can choose here. Therefore, you can just indicate that you'll be traveling with a 'Eurail Global Pass' instead, just so you can be quoted the reservation fees. All that matters is that the ticket costs for the entire journeys will be covered when you are traveling (and you will accomplish this by purchasing the Central Europe Triangle Pass), so it doesn't matter what pass you enter here as long as it is one that covers the entire route.

    The night train from Vienna to Prague can be booked within 90 days of an intended date of departure, while the night train from Prague to Budapest can only be booked within 60 days of an intended date of departure.
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