Can the railpass be used from Provence to Monaco?

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 19, 2012 20:03
    Hi Karen,

    A rail pass covers the ticket costs for trains between different cities in the country or countries listed on the pass. Therefore, any rail pass that includes France would cover the ticket costs for rail travel from Provence to Monaco.

    A connection from Aix en Provence to Monaco would involve changing trains once in Nice along the way. The train from Aix en Provence to Nice is a high-speed TGV train that would require reservations, while the connecting trains from Nice to Monaco are regional trains that do not accept reservations, so the rail pass is all you would need to board. You would make reservations for a train from Aix en Provence to Nice by clicking on 'Book a Reservation for Your Pass' from the homepage of our website, Reservable trains in France can be booked within 90 days of an intended date of departure.

    For planning, you can just view the schedules for the non-reservable trains from Nice to Monaco by entering these cities under 'Check Fares and Schedules' on the homepage of our website and clicking the option to 'Check Schedules'.
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