I’m confused

Cannot get through to customer service!!!

I have been on hold today for over 4.5 hours (this does not include the time when I was not technically on hold as I was waiting for a call back). I need to talk to someone regarding my ticket for French train travel this weekend. I am still in the US until Friday.

On April 10 I booked, two round trip tickets from Paris to Avignon for May 13th and May 20th with the Rail Protection Plan. When it became apparent that trains would not be running on May 13th due to the strike, but you all were not refunding May tickets yet, on April 22 I booked two different round trip tickets for May 12th and May 20th. I would like a refund due to strike on the April 10th booking since I paid for the RPP. Please advise on how to do this.

Thank you.
Jennifer Queen
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