Can't book reservations in Portugal with my Eurail Portugal Pass

Hello,I purchased a Eurorail pass for Portugal.I'm trying to make reservations for the trips I need to take (Porto to Tunes, Lagos to Lisbon, Lisbon to Porto)When I select "I have a rail pass", the search shows up nothing whereas when it is not selected, there are available trips.Please help!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 23, 2019 14:59
    Hi ST,

    For trains in Portugal, reservations are only able to be purchased locally at the CP offices in the stations. With that being the case, the schedules will not display on our website from passholder searches. For planning purposes, you can still use the route search feature on our homepage to view schedules for these trains if you leave the 'I have a rail pass' box unchecked. Schedules for trains in Portugal can be viewed once within 60 days of a departure. The trains on these routes do require reservations; the reservations just have to be purchased locally. In Portugal, reservations are required on IC (InterCity) trains and Alfa Pendular trains.

    For the Eurail Portugal Pass, you would click here:

    Porto Tunes

    From Porto to Tunes, there is a direct train, but most connections from Porto to Tunes involve changing trains once in Lisbon en route. These trains require reservations.

    Lagos to Lisbon

    Connections from Lagos to Lisbon involve changing trains once in Tunes along the way. These trains also require reservations.

    Lisbon to Porto

    From Lisbon to Porto, there are direct trains that require reservations.
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