I’m frustrated

can't make a reservation online...over and over! call back phone hangs up on me...waiting over an hour is terrible...i need help now!

i tried to make a reservation and the system wouldn't let me....i called the site number and had a call back for 2 hours....i'm on vacation...this is a long time...plus to leave my phone on that long! when they did call back it was another 20 minute wait...at $1.00 a min that's an expensive wait....now, i'm waiting again! they called me back after an hour...and the phone was disconnected...this is a terrible site...it shouldn't take this long....with no help any other way.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 01, 2015 14:38
    Hi Jolyn,

    We apologize for the longer hold times. We are the only company of our kind that staffs a call center to provide assistance for customers, and we've just entered into the busy Spring and Summer travel season. With that being the case, the hold times have become more significant. If you wish, you could try calling early in the morning after we first open (at 8:00 AM CT) or else you could try us on a Wednesday or Thursday, which are generally the least busy days of the week.
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