I’m sad and frustrated!

Can't merge my itineraries. Also, why does my ticket have to be mailed to me when I was able to print out my other ticket at home?

I have booked four trips, but they aren't all in my itinerary list. I would like to have them all together. I bought insurance for my itinerary; but my Florence to Rome trip isn't listed. Is there a way I can put them all together?
Also, I booked a ticket earlier today, and printed it at home. This afternoon, it says I have to have my train tickets for a different route mailed to me at a cost of about $20. Why?
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  • Hello Peggy,

    If you submitted separate orders, there would be no way to have them listed together in the same itinerary.

    Not all tickets are able to be issued electronically, as the rail networks and train companies in Europe have not made it possible. Currently, only tickets for trains in certain parts of Europe are able to be issued as print-at-station and/or print-at-home tickets (domestic trains operating within the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France, as well as some international trains between France and neighboring countries). For all other trains, tickets are only able to be issued as physical documents that would have to be shipped to you prior to your departure.

    If tickets for a particular train are able to be issued as print-at-station or print-at-home tickets, then the option would display for you at Step 1 of the checkout process, which is the 'Delivery' screen. Print-at-station tickets can only be printed from a kiosk in the station prior to departure, while print-at-home tickets would have to be printed elsewhere prior to going to the station.
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