Paris CDG Airport to La Rochelle?

I normally would take the TGV from Montparnassee train station to La Rochelle, but on a tight travel schedule. Is it difficult to catch the TGV from CDG to La Rochelle with a transfer in Poitiers?

Do I have to leave the station, as it is only a 13 min connection time? Or do I just get of the train and catch the La Rochelle train at the same station?

I would like to take the train returning to CDG from La Rochelle as well, so I may take the afternoon flight back to San Francisco at 430pm. Just concerned if I have a connection and need to leave to another station or stay at Poitiers to catch the appropriate train?

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 09, 2015 19:39
    Thank you for your question, Rob.

    There are connections from the Paris CDG Airport to La Rochelle that involve changing trains once in Poitiers along the way. A common minimum connection time is 7 to 10 minutes for changing trains at the typical station in Europe. Rest assured, a connection time of 13 minutes would be sufficient for you to change trains at the station in Poitiers. Trains from Paris CDG Airport to Poitiers are high-speed 'TGV' trains. From Poitiers to La Rochelle, there are either high-speed 'TGV' trains or regional 'TER' trains.

    You would purchase tickets and check schedules by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage and entering the cities. When doing a search for trains out of the Paris CDG Airport, you would just type it as 'Paris Airport' for it to be recognized by our website. To display schedules, you can just do one search for the full connection from 'Paris Airport' to La Rochelle. Otherwise, if you ever wish to arrange for a transfer time of your choosing, you can just do a separate search for each segment of the connection (i.e. one search for trains from 'Paris Airport' to Poitiers and then another search for connecting trains from Poitiers to La Rochelle).

    Generally, trains in France can be booked once within 90 days of an intended date of departure.
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