Is the RER from CDG to Paris included in the pass?

I am arriving in Paris on April 11. Will take RER to city and stay for 3 nights. then travel to 2 other cities before returning to Paris. if I purchase the 3 day train pass does my trip from CDG to Paris count as one of those days? or is that a bonus included?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) January 27, 2017 17:45
    Hi Christine,

    As of 2017, the France Rail Pass is no longer offered. In its place, the 'Eurail France Pass' is being sold. Unfortunately, the Eurail France Pass does not cover Line B of the RER between the CDG Airport and Paris, like the France Rail Pass did. Therefore, you would pay to board the RER locally when you're there.

    If you happen to purchase the 'Zones 1-5' option of the 'Paris Visite', then you would be covered on Line B of the RER between CDG and Paris. The 'Paris Visite' is a pass to cover the RER and Métro in Paris, as well as buses. You would purchase the 'Paris Visite' here:

    To browse other city passes for a stay in Paris, you can click here:

    For the Eurail France Pass itself, you would click here:
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