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Choosing a pass and reserving trains to travel with someone already in Europe

I will be in Italy for about a week prior to being in Spain July 10-14. I arrive in Barcelona, then to San Sebastian, then to Madrid, so will need to use the rail 3 times while in Spain. Is my best value to purchase the rail pass for both countries, and to make the reservations necessary to travel in Spain? Also, my travel partner is already in Europe. How can we make sure we make reservations to travel with one another on the trains in Spain?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 12, 2012 18:29
    Hi Kristin,

    What you purchase would depend specifically on what you intend to do. Are you actually beginning your rail travels in Italy? If so, where will you be traveling in Italy, and where will you be originating on the day you intend to make the trip to Spain.

    The most feasible connection from Italy to Spain is the overnight train from Milan to Barcelona, however, it only operates for departure on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    Where is your traveling companion from? If they are from a country in North America, then we would be able to book for the both of you within the same order, and you would be reserved together on the requested trains.

    Otherwise, if your traveling companion is from Europe, he or she would purchase tickets for their travel locally. In this case, since you would be booking separately, there would be no way to request your seats be together. However, you can always request to change your seats locally at the station prior to boarding or once on board with the conductor and/or other passengers on the train.
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