What is the station for the Chunnel that is convenient to Heathrow?

Does the tunnel train end in St. Pancras and Stratford and Waterloo? (I heard those are the three end stops) If so, which is the easiest access from Heathrow?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 18, 2016 15:49
    Hi Todd,

    St Pancras is the only station in London that services the 'Eurostar' (the train that goes through the Chunnel). There is no other station in London the Eurostar would arrive into.

    To get from St Pancras to Heathrow, you would first have to commute to Paddington station. To do so, you would take the Circle Line of the Tube. The Tube ride from St Pancras to Paddington would take about 15 minutes. At Paddington, you would board a 'Heathrow Express' train to the airport. The Heathrow Express departs every 15 minutes. The ride takes 15 minutes from terminals 1, 2, and 3 and 23 minutes from terminal 5.

    Special tickets are issued for the Heathrow Express. These tickets would be purchased by clicking on the following link: https://www.raileurope.com/activities/heathrow-express/index.html.

    You would purchase tickets for a Eurostar train from Paris to London or Brussels to London by entering the route on our homepage, www.raileurope.com. The Eurostar is unique in that it can generally be booked up 6 to 9 months in advance of a departure.

    You would pay locally to ride the Tube from St Pancras to Paddington.
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