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Hi there, I am booking my train reservations for my trip to Italy. My 1st train will be after arriving by plane from London to the Milan (LIN) airport at 12:05 p.m. Friday, June 15/12. I will be heading directly to Venice by train from the airport. Can you tell me what train station I book and how far away is it from the airport. Also, how early do I need to arrive for my 1st trip on a 4 day pass? Thank you so much
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  • Hello Tammy,

    The trip from the Milan LIN station to the Milan Central station takes about 20 minutes, you'll find more specific here:

    All the direct trains from Milan to Venice do require seat reservations. You can purchase these reservations up to 90 days in advance from Rail Europe before you travel overseas or directly at the train station in Italy. As it is hard to know exactly how long it may take you to get through the airport customs,and as such, it may be difficult to know exactly which train may work best for you.

    To validate a rail pass, just go to the ticket window at the rail station before boarding your first train. A railroad official will enter the first and last day of the validity on your pass and stamp your pass. You will have to show your passport. For more information about validating your pass, please follow this link:

    Thank you for your interest in Rail Europe -
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