Comfort vs. Premier seats - Spain AVE

traveling from Madrid to Seville - not real clear on what the difference is? There are 2 couples traveling, booking separately - although we'd like to sit together. Any input would be appreciated
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 17, 2017 18:57
    Hi Rick,

    'Economy', 'Comfort', and 'Premier' are designations that we use to group fares and are not the actual names of the fares. 'Premier' is only listed as an option on certain trains in Spain that happen to offer 2 different levels of 1st class. The actual names of these 2 kinds of 1st class fares are 'Preferente' and 'Turista Plus'. On trains that offer both of these fare types, the 'Preferente' option would be found under the 'Premier' heading for fares, and the 'Turista Plus' option would be found under the 'Comfort' heading for fares.

    When 'Preferente' is offered, the only difference between it and 'Turista Plus' on board the train is that food and drink would be included with 'Preferente'; the actual seat accommodations would be identical. ‘Preferente’ tickets would also grant you access to the Club Lounges found in the more major rail stations in Spain. Access to these lounges would not be available to passengers in possession of ‘Turista Plus’ tickets.

    Please note, trains in Spain do not serve food and drink on Saturdays. Therefore, if your tickets are for a train operating on a Saturday, the only difference between ‘Preferente’ and ‘Turista Plus’ would be access to the Club Lounges.
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