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I’m frustrated

Coverage of the Rail Protection Plan

Completely unreasonable and exploitative!

This rating is based exclusively on my experiences dealing with the booking, reservation, and fee structure of Rail Europe. I purchased two 4-day passes for France from the online Rail Europe service with a senior discount for $559.95. Since I anticipated the need for flexibility in changing schedules, I also purchased a Rail Protection Plan for $29.95 which is included in the cost above.

Excerpts from the Rail Protection Plan:
"Exchanges: Whatever your reason you can make one (1) exchange for a new rail pass/ticket with no questions asked." and also states,
"No explanation is required for exchange and cancelations requests on rail passes/tickets, no questions asked."
"... you can make one (1) exchange for a new rail pass/train ticket/reservation/city pass/tour with no questions asked."
"...Rail passes/train tickets/reservations/city passes/tours - may be exchanged for the same or new products" and also states, "No explanation is required for exchange requests on rail passes/train tickets/reservations/city passes/tours."

Nine days after purchasing the passes I purchased 8 reservations, two for each of four routes, for $106.00.

I subsequently determined that it would be preferable to modify one reservation to depart earlier and terminate at Paris Gare CDG rather than Paris Gare Du Lyon.

The requested change was denied with the statement, "This fare is non-refundable. It allows exchanges on date or time, but not on route."

When I questioned why the Rail Protection Plan was not honored, I was told that I had not purchased a separate Rail Protection Plan for the reservations.

I believe that this is completely unreasonable and exploitative! The information provided gives every reason to expect changes in reservations to be covered and I could find no mention of having to buy a separate Rail Protection Plan for reservations. Nowhere in the documentation did I find any suggestion of this limitation.

If had it to do over again, I would avoid doing business with Rail Europe and would choose air travel instead. As inflexible as the airlines are, I have found them to be much more accommodating to customers than Rail Europe. I suggest that you clearly understand the risks involved should you choose to deal with this company.

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