Coventry to London with BritRail England Pass, HELP!

Staying in Coventry traveling to London 4 days of our trip. If we buy the BritRail England Pass, will we be able to get back and forth with no additional cost? I need to finalize the budget and nothing is explaining this very well. I have never traveled to Europe before, so this is ALL new to me!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 29, 2019 19:21
    Hi Kelsey,

    Rail passes cover ticket costs on trains between cities, operated by the national rail network of the country or countries included on the pass. Therefore, a BritRail England Pass would be valid to cover trains between London and Coventry.

    On trains between London and Coventry, reservations are not necessary at all, so the rail pass is all you would need to board. For planning purposes, you can use the route search feature on our homepage ( just to view schedules for the trains between London and Coventry. When trying to access schedules for trains in the UK, you would actually have to leave the 'I have a rail pass' button unchecked.

    When needed, passholder reservations for trains in the UK are only able to be purchased locally and are only recommended on trains that take over 2.5 hours. You can purchase the reservations by going to the ticket window in the station and mentioning that you have the BritRail England Pass. For trains in the UK under 2.5 hours in duration, reservations are not necessary at all. The ride between London and Coventry only takes about 1 hour.

    For the BritRail England Pass itself, you would click here:

    For the most comfortable experience, 1st class is recommended.
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