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Day trip to Mons

I have made a rail booking in June departing from Arras, via Lille, to my day destination in Mons. I can't seem to find a return schedule on the same day to take a train back from Mons to Arras without either going to Paris or to Brussels? Any suggestions?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 16, 2012 20:06
    Hi Tucker,

    Strangely, even though you were able to successfully purchase tickets for your outbound via Lille, we are currently not able to issue tickets for this route in the reverse direction for your return. Currently, tickets for trains in the direction of Mons to Lille are only able to be purchased locally in Europe, which is preventing your return from being able to be booked in advance. Incidentally, you can still purchase tickets for the portion of your return from Lille to Arras at this time.

    Unless you opt to go via Brussels for your return, you would have to purchase tickets for your return locally upon arrival. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    • That is strange. I am a bit worried that I won't be able to get back to my base in Arras.

      How can I find out what times train departs on this route that I cannot book? What is the cost of the train ticket from Mons via Lille to Arras? Can I buy a ticket in for this route in London a week in advance of my travel dates? Is there a discounted rate for seniors over age 60?

      I am beginning to think I might have to rent a car for this one way trip! It is most strange.Write a comment...
    • Jeff (Official Rep) March 19, 2012 17:38
      Since the return from Mons back to Arras (via Lille) is currently only able to be purchased locally in Europe, we would not be able to speculate on the cost of tickets, but you can use the outbound you booked as a reference. The trains that comprise of a connection between Mons and Arras (via Lille) generally do not offer senior discounts, but we do not have information on what might be offered for purchase locally.

      If you wish to inquire about schedules for your return via Lille, then you would have to call us at 1-800-622-8600, as these are currently not able to even be displayed on our website.

      I believe they would be able to sell tickets for such a trip from a main station in London, however, we would not be able to say for sure. If you decide to try to purchase the tickets via Lille while you are in London, you might have the best luck doing it at the St. Pancras station.

      Otherwise, you can just purchase tickets for your return from Mons to Arras to go via Brussels, since that is able to be booked in advance through our website.
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