Day trip from Geneva to Mont Blanc(France) with a Swiss Pass?

Does the Swiss pass cover the fare from Geneva to Mont Blanc for a day trip?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 20, 2012 15:38
    Hi Honey,

    A connection from Geneva to Mont Blanc would involve taking a train to Martigny, where you would board the Mont Blanc Express to Chamonix.

    Generally, all countries being traveled through would have to be accounted for on a rail pass; however, travel on the Mont Blanc Express is an exception, as the Swiss Pass is valid to take this train for the full route between Martigny, Switzerland and Chamonix, France. You do not need reservations to take the Mont Blanc Express. The Swiss Pass is actually all you would need to board. The trains along this route depart about once every hour and the connection takes about 2 hours in duration with a change in Vallorcine en route.

    From Chamonix, there are cable cars that ascends the mountain, as well as bus transportation. You would pay for the cable car or the buses locally upon arrival.

    For planning purposes, you can view the schedules for the part of your connection from Geneva to Martigny by entering those cities under 'Check Fares and Schedules' on the homepage of our website and clicking the option to 'Check Schedules'. Trains from Geneva to Martigny are regional trains that don't accept reservations, so the Swiss Pass is all you would need to board.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) June 20, 2012 21:16
      I would just like to correct myself, as I noticed there is now construction underway on the rail lines between Chamonix and Vallorcine that will impact this travel.

      Due to this construction, you would now depart from Chamonix by bus, and this bus will take you to Le Chatelard-Frontiere (instead of Vallorcine). At Le Chatelard-Frontiere, you would board the Mont Blanc Express that will take you to Martigny.

      Since the bus from Chamonix to Le Chatelard-Frontiere substitutes for a train that ordinarily operates on this route, your Swiss Pass will still be valid to cover it. The trip from Chamonix to Martigny would still depart about once every hour and take about 2 hours in duration.
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