Do I need a "senior pass" to qualify for the senior rate on trains in england?

website shows discount fares from London to Bath for seniors, do I just buy the tix or must I purchase a separate senior [pass?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 16, 2018 19:10
    Hi Monte,

    A rail pass covers ticket costs. Therefore, if you purchase the BritRail Pass or the BritRail England Pass, it would cover you to take a train from London to Bath, so you would not have to purchase tickets.

    If all of your travel will be solely within England, you would purchase the BritRail England Pass. For the BritRail England Pass, click here:

    You would purchase the BritRail Pass if you plan to travel to England, Wales, and Scotland. For the BritRail Pass, click here:

    These passes do offer senior rates. To be quoted senior rates, you would just access the page for the pass you wish to purchase and indicate the number of seniors in your party under where it says, 'Who':

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