Do i need pass for countries just for 'transit'

If i travel from Spain to Italy (i ́m going from Barcelona to Rome), I will have to pass by France. Do I have to buy a Spain-France-Italy pass even if I'm just passing through France?
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  • Hi Fabio,

    In order to travel through France, you will either need to purchase full fare tickets for the French portion or you would need to purchase a 4 Country Eurail Select pass. The 3 and 5 Country select passes are no longer being offered.

    I would recommend looking at the schedules from Barcelona to Montpellier which would be covered by the pass, and then full fare tickets from Montpellier all the way to Ventimiglia where the pass would pick up again in Italy.

    I hope this information is helpful to you. If you need further assistance while booking online, you can chat with one of our Live Chat representatives if available.

    Thank you,
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