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Do I need to make reservations for trains in Switzerland?

During peak season (e.g. June), do I need to purchase reservations within destinations in Switzerland? Do the trains fill up?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 01, 2012 19:48
    Hi Allison,

    Regular trains operating within Switzerland do not require reservations. In fact, most trains within Switzerland do not even accept reservations. Therefore, unless you are taking a specialty Swiss scenic train (see 'Scenic Trains & Airport Transfers' after clicking on 'Train FAQ' from our homepage), the rail pass is all you would need to board trains in Switzerland.

    If you are just purchasing point-to-point tickets instead of a rail pass, we would issue what are called 'open tickets' for the requested routes in Switzerland, which would not even reflect actual departure and arrival times (even though you would still be selecting a specific train on our website). Open tickets are valid to take any single train operating between the cities listed on the ticket for a 1 month time period beginning on the date you performed your search for when you placed your order. There is open seating on such trains, since they are trains that do not accept reservations.
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