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Are reservations required when using a Eurail Global Pass?

Myself and two friends are backpacking around europe with a second-class Eurail Global Pass this summer, and we are extremely confused as to what exactly our $500+ pass gets us-- do we still have to buy individual tickets from city-to-city (with some sort of a discount...?) or does a validated pass gain us access to all trains we wish to take?
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  • Hi Katie,

    The Eurail Global pass allows you the flexibility to travel, however, all high speed trains in France, all trains in Spain and all highspeed trains in Italy will require a reservation that is an additional cost to the pass. There are other trains like International day trains and all night trains will also require reservations at an additional cost.

    If you do not know where or when you are traveling, you can purchase your reservations locally in Europe, however, these are subject to availablitliy. We do recommend that if you know some of the trains you wish to take, to purchase those through us before you travel to ensure your self a seat on the train.

    Please note that a lot of trains in France are already filling up and there fore you may have to change your itinerary or take a longer route to get to your destination.

    If you would like assistance in booking your reservations, please contact us at 800-438-7245 and one of our Travel Consultants will be happy to assist you with your reservations.

    Thank you,

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