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Do you sell the BritRail SW Pass? How do I order lt? Is it also discounted 20%?

I am interested in buying a BritRail SW Pass, but I don't see it among the BritRail passes you are offering. Do you sell the SW pass, & if so, is it eligible for the 20% "20British" discount?

Since it is not one of the BritRail passes available on your website, how do I place an order -- and get the discount?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) February 26, 2014 16:23
    Hi Beverly,

    I'm sorry, however, we do not sell a pass called the BritRail SW Pass. We do sell a Britrail London Plus Pass, but that would be considered more of "southeastern" pass thats coverage area doesn't extend out to Cornwall or Devon, for instance (it's westernmost cities covered would be Weymouth, Salisbury, and Bristol.)

    With that said, the current 20% promotion only applies to regular point-to-point tickets in the United Kingdom and not rail passes. Therefore, you could purchase point-to-point tickets to get you where you need to go. To book British train tickets, you can refer here: You would just apply the promotion code you mentioned above, '20British'.

    Otherwise, you could purchase a BritRail England Pass, which covers rail travel between cities throughout all of England. The BritRail England Pass can be purchased here:
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